Promotion of book by Marko Stojanović "Communicator = Gladiator"

352746 1The Book: Communicator = Gladiator
Genre: A manual for politicians, managers, and actors
Publisher: D.R. Gilbert Books, Belgrade
Speaker: Dragiša Ristovski, author and Head of D.R. Gilbert Center Books

A manual for leaders and artists. Communication is a skill, tool, and weapon! By mastering your body and voice, you can do a lot more than win a convincing argumentation – you can acquire power. If you have talent and charisma, with the book Communicator = Gladiator, you can create a potent art of communication. Also, if you think you don’t have any talent, this book will prove you wrong and help you become a superb communicator. Nowadays, the modern business world, the economic crisis, political changes, artistic questionings, lucid and efficient communication skills are more important than ever. From interpersonal and negotiation skills to presentations, public appearances, and stage and media appearances. That is the foundation on which countries, companies, and careers were built. Communication is a key component of permanent success. The voice is the most important tool for efficient communication both in business, political, media environments, as well as art and society at large. The voice needs to be clear and sure, dynamic, and expressive. When the voice reaches these qualities, it becomes a powerful weapon. But then your body language can ruin everything. Only if you are 100% in command of verbal and 100% in command of non-verbal communication and know what you are talking about 100% you can be a 100% great communicator. Regardless of the scope of work or the organization you are leading – from states to big corporations, political parties, small companies, or even a home business – efficient communication is paramount for success. If you are looking to build trust, establish better workplace and interpersonal relationships and become influential in the business, political, or art circle, this book can help you achieve that. The book Communicator = Gladiator is written in a simple language and contains a plethora of examples and exercises that can help boost your skills to communicate with more confidence and conviction.