Promotion of the book by Milovan Zdravković "Anecdotes and sketches from theatrical life", second supplemented edition

Anegdote koriceThe promotion of Milovan Zdravković’s Anecdotes and Sketches from Theatrical Life is scheduled for the 1st of July at 12 PM at Stara Carinarnica restaurant.

Publishers: Festival of Monodrama and Mime
Vesna Stanković and Gojko Baletić, dramatic artists
Phd Jelena Perić, theatrologist
Radomir Putnik, edition editor
Milovan Zdravković, author

Anecdotes unpretentiously illustrate the relationships between the people in theatre, their connection with the environment, but also the environment’s relationship with them, indirectly explaining the social state and spirit of the age. The stories in this book are classified into 20 groups: patriotic, stories of dedication, exploring the attitude towards big artists, the actors’ social status, the influence of politics on theatre, theatre and criticism, barroom anecdotes, actors and nicknames, the attitude towards the audience, promotion and benefactors. In its core meaning, the anecdotal and humoristic approach to the theatre and its laborers and educators aims to express – or submit to criticism – certain aesthetic, ethical, or erotic approaches or exaggerations that had been happening in our theatre and theatre life from the age of Joakim Vujić to Petar Kralj.