Transperancy of Empitness

Teatr A Part, Katowice, Poland

Transperancy of Emptiness
( Przejrzystość pustki)
Screenplay: Michel Huellebecq, Chuck Palahniuk
Director: Marcin Herich
Choreographers: Marcin Herich, Monika Wachowicz
Dramatists: Marcin Herich, Monika Wachowicz
Set design: Marcin Herich
Costume design: Marcin Herich, Monika Wachowicz
Composer: Franz Liszt

“Transparency of Emptiness” is a solo performance by Monika Wachowicz, inspired by the existentialist prose and philosophy of Michel Houellebecq. The performance in terms of genre can be defined as a mixture of post-dramatic theatre, performance art and dance theatre.
“There is no endless silence in infinite space, for in reality there is no space, no silence and no void. The world we know, the world we create, the human world, is as round, smooth, simple and warm as a woman’s breast.”
Michel Huellebecq, “The Elementary Particles”

Monika Wachowicz is a theater actress who got her degree in philosophy at the University of Silesia, Katowice. She has participated in many theater workshops, as well as many theatrical and dance training programs in Poland and abroad. She works as an acting teacher. As an actress, she has worked with, among others, the theater Cogitatur in Katowice and the Danish theater Cantabile 2. She is the co-founder of the Teatr A Part, a theatrical troupe led by Marcin Herich. She is also a coordinator of the A Part International Theater Festival from Katowice, and the head acting instructor in the school which is a part of Teatr A Part.

Marcin Herich is the founder and art director of Teatr A Part, an independent visual and physical theater troupe from Katowice. He studied the Polish language at the University of Silesia in Katowice. As an actor and producer, he has worked with the alternative theater troupe Cogitur for almost 20 years. He is the author of around fifteen plays in the Theater Cogitur and Teatr A Part. He is the co-founder and the art director of the Theater festival A Part.