As well as previous days, the last day of this year’s competition started with Biljana Đurović, actress and host of the Festival, who announced the programme and the award ceremony.


The monodrama “Product”, performed by Ivan Tomić is a one-hour talk between a producer and an actress, during which the producer tries to persuade the actress to accept a role in his new movie. The idea of the play is to portray the shallowness, lies and ’prostitution’ of the movie industry, which holds nothing sacred and uses any means possible to achieve its goal – to commercialize and twist any event into making money.


The pantomime “Tailor in the War” was performed by Đorđe Kocić, a drama student at the University of Priština. It is a short pantomime act, where the little guy fights the big system. The big system wins in the end.


Monodrama “The Day of Setting the Record Straight“ ended the competiotion programme of the 42nd Festival of Monodrama and Mime. The play is based on the relationship between poets Rade Drainac and Elisaveta Bagryana. The way in which actress Marija Đajić portrays conflicting emotions is very poetic and intriguing.


While we were waiting for the decions of the jury, we had a chance to see a mime performance called “Adam and Eve - The Seven Deadly Sins”, performed by students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of Nikita Milivojević. It was directed by Ivica Klemenc and the performers were Maja Čampar, Marija Feldeši, Miloš Macura, Nevena Nerandžić, Darko Radojević, Anica Petrović, Aleksa Pantić, Đorđe Mitović, Nikola Ognjen Radulović and Nikolina Vujević.