The third day of competition was held yesterday at the Festival of Monodrama and Mime. Actress and festival host Biljana Đurović announced the plays at Theatre Carte Blanche, and then the audience took their seats.


The opening play “Overcoat” performed by Kadri Özcan, depicts the tumultuos path from childlike wonder to feeling lost to reaching self-knowledge in the end, and poses the most important question of all – Who am I? By using the dual nature of the main character which isn’t revealed till the very end, we went through stages of exploration and self-questioning leading down an expected path.


Pantomime “Imagination and Mime” by Theatre studio Nada, is the first classic pantomime act of this year’s festival. It depicts its various topics in a sweet, funny and positive way. Sanela Milošević, Igor Greksa and Vukašin Ranđelović made a successful performance which spread joy and brought a genuine smile to the audience.


The play “Esther” performed by Tatyana Khazanovsky is based on the biblical tale of Queen Esther, who according to legend saved the Jewish people from extinction thanks to her wisdom and beauty. The play features intriguing eastern music, and uses dancing as its chief way of artistic expression aside from the play’s text. Tatyana uses belly dance as the most important visual figure.

Today is the last day of the festival, and after the remaining three plays, the winner of the 42nd Festival will be announced!