On the final, fourth night of the festival, the audience had the chance to see three plays. The first play of the final day was “Guests” by Ivona Momirovic. A young woman is awaiting her guests for dinner – visitors and dear friends to talk to. She also argues with them and fears them. She is running from them, she was close to them. There are so many things happening with the guests, but soon we realize that they are not here, nor will they come. Unfortunately, they are not leaving neither. There are a lot of guess, a lot of dark, light, sorrow and despair at this table full of some of the worst visitors ever – your own.

Immediately after a short break, the eminent German pantomimist Wolfgang Neuhausen Nemo delighted the audience with a string of mime sketches in the play “The gift of Mime Art”. Along with the presence of famous important pantomime elements, Wolfgang even managed to persuade his audience to put make up on, laugh, eat an apple and cry with him. It was a display of virtuosity of the classic art of mime!

With the last play “What remains after the fervour” performed by Jelica Brestovac, the competition programme of the festival had ended. This monodrama created and directed by Isidora Bjelica follows the turbulent and tempestuous life of the queen Natalia Obrenovic, i.e. it depicts what is happening in the heart of a woman that is upset after an end of a love. As her position was of great importance, the story is even more complex, and as the history of that family and of that time was merciless towards them, the story is even more turbulent. Hence, Jelica Brestovac portrayed a torn, unstable woman, which was forced to look deep down into herself and find the strength to survive so many things, and yet stay faithful to her country, her king, and above all, herself.

While the jury was deciding on the awards, the audience had the chance to see the stage performance “Me, Isadora”. This subtle monodrama with dance and drama elements lead us through the key moments in the life of Isadora Duncan in a special and deeply poetic expression; it focused on the tragic and startling moments which shaped the extraordinary artist, all in the vision and performance of the outstanding and sharp, yet infinitely gentle, Kristina Sikanic.

After this play, we finally had the awards ceremony for this year’s winners of the famous Festival of Monodrama and Mime Award, the Golden Medal!
Фотографије: Сања Вељковић