The third day of the festival has officially begun! The first play “Not the right leg” brought into focus the matter of theatre methodologies comparation, physical theatre, pantomime, dance and choreo-drama theatre, and theatre of movement - all of these elements being embedded in this play. Through amusing and acrobatic movements, Danka Sekulovic tells the story of an accident, an unfulfilled career, a discovery of another, different and more interesting path, using both puppets, shadows and a host of other different elements – all with the aim to tell one coherent, intriguing, and witty story.

The second play of the day “Komusanje mozga” by Stojan Matavulj, was received with a big round of applause! Via the interaction with the audience which is slightly more befitting stand-up comedy, Stojan shared his thoughts on marriage, told the audience how the Croatians came to their fatherland, shared his experience of hearing an opera, and discussed various other topics – some uncomfortable, some difficult, but all of them funny and common to everybody.

The third play was “Svetozar the Third” by Ivan Perkovic. The good old man Svetozar is preparing a casket for himself so that he could make his departure easier for his family and retells us the story of how he almost died once. One of those people that are leaving us, the dear old man who curses and infinitely loves his old lady, a sign of the time that is vanishing forever, Ivan’s Svetozar is convincing, emotional, and real. An extraordinary achievement of the young Ivan Perkovic!

And thus, we have come to the end of the third day of the festival!
Photo by: Sanja Veljkovic