With the last play “What remains after the fervour” performed by Jelica Brestovac, the competition programme of the festival had ended. This monodrama created and directed by Isidora Bjelica follows the turbulent and tempestuous life of the queen Natalia Obrenovic, i.e. it depicts what is happening in the heart of a woman that is upset after an end of a love. As her position was of great importance, the story is even more complex, and as the history of that family and of that time was merciless towards them, the story is even more turbulent. Hence, Jelica Brestovac portrayed a torn, unstable woman, which was forced to look deep down into herself and find the strength to survive so many things, and yet stay faithful to her country, her king, and above all, herself.
Фотографије: Сања Вељковић