An enormous number of viewers saw through the second day of one of the oldest festivals in Zemun. The first play of the day was Katarina Orlandic’s “I am the bird, I am everything!”. Encircled by the steel prison of her own limitations, led by the invisible force embodied by three shadows/demons that guide and lead her where she doesn’t want to go, Katarina tells us the story of the famous Frida Kahlo and her forces, dilemmas and depths that pressed on her and ultimately extinguished her light. After that, we had the pleasure to see “Georgian Pantomime Novellas”! Gentle and poetic, verging on the theatre of dance, the play leads us through beautiful Georgian folk melodies and tells the story of values in life embodied by the care of grapes which becomes wine, that brings life, which grows and grows old, which is looked after and taken care of, and which brings new people and a new future.

With the end of the third play “Life is a lottery”, the second day of the festival concluded. Through her character, Monika Romic showed us what happens when a completely ordinary family wins the lottery. By interacting with the audience and obliterating the fourth wall, we waited for the train from Bar together and finally, via democratic voting, decided how the play would end.
Photo by: Sanja Veljkovic