July 1st SATURDAY, 7:30 pm
Theatre Carte Blanche


Sahne Sanat Theatre, Ankara, Тurkey


Based on the short story by Nikolay Gogol


Author: Kadri Özcan
Director: Mine Acar
Lighting designer: Ali Ertekin and Mehmet Yaşayan
Set Design: Selim Cinisli
Costume and set designer: Duygu Gökalp
Music: Peter Gundry
First Assistant: Başak Anat Özcan                                                                                                   Second Assistant: Songül Karagöz
A man wakes up in an unknown country. There are no doors nor windows, and it looks like a prison cell. He can’t find a way out.
Just as he decides to stop, he notices he’s not alone. He tries to wake the man lying on the floor, but he can’t. Then he realizes he lost his memory. Who is he? Why is he here? How did he get here? Who locked him up? Who is the man on the floor?
After a while he remembers his name - Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin. But his memory is inconsistent and unreliable. He isn’t sure if what he remembers really happened. While thinking, the realization suddenly hits him, the man on the floor is dead. Why is he dead? He tries to discover the reason of his death and guesses his name.
In the end, the overcoat becomes the key to his memory. He suffers greatly while piecing together the truth. He remembers he was a high-ranking official, but reality is different . He remembers what happened in his office.
How he bought his overcoat. How he was beaten and his overcoat stolen.
He was defeated. In the end, he remembers the moment he died on his bed. He realizes the corpse on the floor is his.
He is a ghost! What’s the best a ghost can do? Get revenge! He decides  to leave the room. He will have his revenge, he’ll do it for the working man, the one trampled by the system the most.
Theatre ’Sahne Sanat’ was founded in 1993 by Savaş Ertan in Ankara. It primarily focuses on children’s plays and acting courses. It has produced over 30 play and held a large number of art workshops and courses. They are critically acclaimed and have recieved many awards at national festivals.