June 30th FRIDAY, 8:45 pm
Theatre Carte Blanche

Senta Hungarian Chamber Theatre

No ECOment

Directed and performed by:
Video installation: Endre Szabo
Sound master: Arpad Cudzi
Lighting master: Arpad Balog
In ’No ECOment’the audience will have a chance to see an actor and a video installation on stage. The actor will use the video installation to help him show the stages of human evolution from the momment of ’creation’, as well as man’s influence on nature and the environment. The actor’s performance balances the cruel and documentary clips seen on video. The play’s main themes are globalisation, war, animal testing, the exploitation of animals in the fashion, food and cosmetic industries, as well as environmental pollution.

The History of the Senta Hungarian Chamber Theatre
The Senta Hungarian Chamber Theatre was founded on 19th February 2008 in Senta. Since 2009 rehersals and plays are performed in the restored theatre building. The Potisje Region is an important spiritual centre for Hungarians in Vojvodina. The Senta Hungarian Chamber Theatre is a regional theatre. Its aim is to maintain the quality and artistic value of its programme at all times. As well as establishing a creative community to nourish and encourage the creation of art among experts and audiences. The theatre successfully performs in other regions and countries and through its work introduces the audience with the history and culture of Senta. The repertoire of the Theatre offers contemporary Hungarian and world literature.We have strict criteria and we only encourage programmes we see as artisticly valuable, accurate, thorough and those which show the world we live in by using contemporary means. It is important that plays portray problems of the modern world in a delicate way. Our theatre seeks out inspired individuals able to devise a special language of the theatre and whose creativity and artistic merit have the power to gather others like them. We have excellent cooperation with professional theatres in Serbia, as well as theatres in neighboring Hungary and other countries.