The 40th anniversary of the Festival of Monodrama and Mime officially ended yesterday! Branka Pujić greeted the audience on the fourth day of competition and announced the program and upcoming shows. The first play of the day was ‘Milunka’ by Vesna Stanković, a moving and emotional story about the life of a brave and proud woman who marked Serbian history. ‘Milunka’, written and performed by Mrs Stanković was clear, energetic, and so emotionally charged that the actress was interrupted by applause several times. The audience was in tears by the end of the show and the actress received standing ovations. The monodrama ‘Milunka’ is a sad and true account of Serbian history. The second play was ‘Nadežda Petrović’, performed by Biljana Đurović. It is a story about pain, quintessential emotion, hopelessness, art, fighting inner demons and the limitations of the human body. Mrs Đurović, burning with the intensity of her emotion, brought to life the harrowing narrative of the life of Serbian heroine, Nadežda Petrović. The third play was ‘Čučuk Stana’ by Mirjana Đurđević, with a likeable and folksy approach to the turbulent history of the brave Čučuk Stana, a great freedom fighter, who was always guided by love, love for the men in her life, and, above all, love for her country. The honorary awards of the festival were given to the contestants by the president of the festival council, Predrag Miletić.