SATURDAY, June 29th, 9:45 pm


Text Author: Ljiljana Bralovic
Director: Mihailo Kostadinov
Cast: Ivan Perkovic

Playwright: Ljiljana Bralovic
Scenographer and Costume Designer: Ivan Perkovic
NASTheatre Production, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.

“When people turn serious life situations into a circus, I get an irresistible desire to condemn and ridicule them. Through Svetozar’s story I express my condemnation of the hypocrisy, pretense and some form of depravity. The other motive is to fulfil my hero’s wish, which is a subconscious wish of each man – to see how much he will be missed when he is gone. The characters which Svetozar mentions “DO NOT EXIST” … yet they are very REAL. You will recognize them, and feel free to name them as you like.”
Ljiljana Bralovic, the author

IVAN PERKOVIC was born on November 3rd, 1988 in Gornji Milanovac. He graduated from Academy of Arts in Banja Luka with a B.A. in acting (2010-2014) with Elena Trepetova Kostic as the head of the class. He also studied IT at E-Business. He is a professional chess player. He speaks English fluently. His Bachelor’s thesis was a play “The Thessalonians Speak” based on a novel by Antonije Djuric which Cisana Murusidze directed. He is the founder of the NASTheatre which is dedicated to the great Serbian poet Momcilo Nastasijevic. For now, the theatre has five plays in its production, of which Jug Radivojevic’s “NEDOZVANI”, a play based on M. Nastasijevic’s eponymous drama, particularly stands out. It is also important to mention the “Poet for Poets” monodrama (41st International Festival of Monodrama and Mime, 20th International Festival of Monodrama in Sarajevo, The International Theatre Festival “Actor of Europe” 2017, 5th BEFEMON, III Festival of Monodrama of the Young Actor in Banja Luka) which the audience already had the chance to see at this festival. He had several roles in the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska and the Children’s Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, and some of the most memorable are his roles of Tom Sawyer in the eponymous play based on the novel by Mark Twain,  (dramatization of the play: Milica Piletic; director: Jug Radivojevic; Children’s Theatre of the Republic of Srpska), Ivica in “Ivica and Marica” (director: Dragoslav Todorovic), as part of the ensemble in “CLASSES about which…” (text: Peter Handke, director: Mladen Materic), and several roles in “FOURTEENTH” (Ana Djordjevic is the author of the project).

MIHAILO KOSTADINOV (1939-2016). Enchanted by acting in the high school amateur group of his hometown, he embarked on his acting journey as a student. His first job was in the National Theatre in Pristina. After that, he worked in the National Theatre in Uzice and in Vrsac. He was the head of the Cultural Centre in Gornji Milanovac. In the early 1970s he begun working as a director in the Amateur Theatre in Gornji Milanovac. He is one of the founders of the Youth Stage at the Cultural Centre in Gornji Milanovac, and he will be remembered as the initiator of the project “Russians of the Gornji Milanovac” and one of its authors. Capable of spotting talents and an excellent pedagogue, Mihailo brought into the theatre and shaped many young actors and actresses.

LJILJANA BRALOVIC was born on November 19th, 1966 in Cacak. She lives in Pranjani, a village on the slopes of Suvobor, surrounded by plum orchards and clouds. She stumbles on moonlight, suffers the wounds of her villagers and mourns the extinction of the village. She has been writing poetry since her high school. So far, she has published seven books, five of which are poetry collections, one is a collection of children plays and one is a collection of short stories. She also writes satires and plays. Her poems were translated into Polish, Swedish, German, and French. She is a member of the literary organization “Zapis” from Gornji Milanovac and the Association of Writers of Serbia. She has received many awards and accolades, including the Golden Badge in 2018 – an accolade awarded by the Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia.