THURSDAY, June 27th, 8 pm


Author: Nebojsa Romcevic
Director: Branko Djuric Djuro
Cast: Andjelka Prpic
Scenographer: Snezana Veljkovic
Costume Designer: Vladislava Munic
Composer: Branko Djuric
Music: Ivan Antanasijevic
Lighting Design: Sinisa Cancar
Producer: Dragoslav Pecikoza
GMP Production, Belgrade
The charming Andjelka here plays Jovana Joka Jakovljevic, a 34-year-old bank teller. In the play, Andjelka is a young woman who is building her career with what she has (brains and knowledge least) in the harsh corporate world. All of a sudden, she finds herself in the midst of a dilemma: honor and marital fidelity or progress in career? Such a dilemma she cannot solve on her own: an entire army of characters  is helping her all the while creating an even bigger confusion in her empty little head, and the director’s son is about to enter her room. This world is so topsy-turvy that it seems that every woman has at least once come across her own Harvey Weinstein. The pleasure is his, regret belongs to her…

ANDJELKA PRPIC was born in Pozarevac on 23rd of October 1984 as Andjelka Stevic. She got a degree in acting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, studying under the guideship of the professor Boris Isakovic. Immediately after her studies, she worked in Atelje 212 and the Serbian National Theatre. She rose to fame playing in the popular TV shows “Wives from Dedinje” and the regionally acclaimed “Andrija and Andjelka”. She was a host of several different shows, and for the last year and a half she has achieved great success playing her first monodrama “What happened to me” by Nebojsa Romcevic. She is married to Dario Prpic and has an eight-year-old son Jaksa.

BRANKO DJURIC DJURO (born in Sarajevo, 28th of May 1962) is a Bosnian actor and director. He rose to fame in the former Yugoslavia with the TV show “Top List of Surrealists”. He was also a singer of the popular Bosnian rock band Bombaj Štampa. He became a famous as an actor in the film “A Little Bit of Soul” in the second half of the ‘80s. At the beginning of war in Bosnia, he moved to Slovenia with his family where he still lives and works today. He was in charge of the producing company Tijater 55 for years, but in Slovenia, where he is the most famous as a director, he primarily devoted himself to this aspect of his career. He has been married for over 20 years to the Slovenian actress Tanya Ribic with whom he worked together in the film Kajmak and Marmelade. He has three children: a son Phillip, and two daughters Zala and Ella. He worked in Croatia as well, where he had his own show “Five Minutes of Glory” on Nova TV channel. He also produced and directed the TV show “Our Little Clinic” which was broadcast with great success in countries of the former Yugoslavia. He also has been actively working in theatres as an actor, where his stand-up comedian play “Djurology” has been very popular for the last five years. He is the co-owner of the “Crazy House” theatre in Zagreb.

NEBOJSA ROMCEVIC (born in Belgrade, 15th of August 1962) is a Serbian professor, playwright, scriptwriter, director, and an expert in theatrology. He received his doctorate at the University of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade where he is a regular professor. During his career he published a great number of works in the field of theatrology, and he works as a scriptwriter as well. He received numerous awards for his work in scriptwriting, theatrology and dramatic arts. He first studied at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, but he soon transferred to the Faculty of Dramatic Arts where he graduated in 1989 at the Department of Dramaturgy. In 1994 he received his Master’s degree in theatrology, while he finished his PhD at the same university in 2001. He has been working at the university since 1989, and he became a regular professor in 2012. His plays are translated into several languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Catalonian, Slovenian, and many others. He was one of the participants at numerous symposiums, conferences and theatrical gatherings in France, Spain, Ukraine, England and Switzerland. In 2012 he published a book titled “A Summer Day in the Afternoon”. Today he is one of the most prolific theatre workers in Serbia, and his plays are played in almost all theatrical institutions in the country. He won the Sterija Award thrice: once for theatrology and twice for dramatic texts. Awards for Best Scenario he received in Novi Sad, Montpellier, and Luzern. He is married to the actress Maya Novelic.