On the third day of the festival, at the foyer of Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Anđela Jovanović addressed the audience summarizing the program so far and announcing the upcoming shows. The first show of the third day was ‘The Village’, by Tina Milivojević, an intimate confession and deeply emotional journey. Afterwards, Predrag Radovančević introduced himself to the audience with the play ‘Transperson’. It leads us down the path of various psychological states of mind, the chaos of today’s modern world, all along posing questions about self-liberation. The third show was ‘My Life’ by Anka Gaćeša, an adaptation of Isadora Duncan’s biography. Coupled with dazzling and complex choreographies, as well as sincere acting, this play sends a clear message about the true values of life – though the path is long and arduous, we must always fight for what we believe in. Anka Gaćeša and the rest of the cast were greeted with standing ovations from the audience. The last show of the day was ‘Watching’ by Vanja Milačić. This great life story about one woman’s lifelong struggle made the audience cry. Sincere and poignant, the play leaves us with a sense of pure, untainted love. The honorary awards of the festival were given to the contestants by Igor Bojović, the director of Pinocchio Puppet Theatre.