Tina Milivojević THE VILLAGE

Saturday 27th June 2015 at 7.30 pm
Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Goce Delčeva 1

Performed by: Tina Milivojević
Directing and Dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević
Set and Video Design: Neša Paripović
Music: Tina Milivojević
Costume Design: Maria Marković
Lighting Design: Milomir Dimitrijević
Photos and Video Editing: Una Škandro

About the play
The monodrama ‘The Village’ portrays the story of an actress auditioning for the role of a depressed woman. She starts examining her life and its purpose, seeking answers by going back to who she really is and her own forsaken dreams. During four scenes we see her go through deep emotional states, in various stages of depression, seeking a way out by going back to the ideals of her youth, using artistic means as a possible healing method. She poses the question ‘why do women give up on themselves?’ This project is financed by Canada Council for the Arts.

Tina Milivojević is a theatre, film and TV actress, living in Vancouver, Canada
She worked with Belgrade`s Dah Theatre from 1993-1998. Afterwards she did music production at Dom Omladine in Belgrade. She has lived in Vancouver since 2000 as a working actress, musician and teacher. The play ‘The Village’ is financed by Canada Council for the Arts.


Saturday 27th June 2015 Pinocchio Puppet Theatre