Predrag Radovančević TRANSPERSONA

Saturday 27th June 2015, at 9 pm
Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Goce Delčeva 1

Author and performer: Predrag Radovančević
Producer – Nela Antonović
Multimedia – Lidia Antonović
Video Design - Marko Stoimenov

About the play

The performance ‘Transperson’ is a 30 minute monodrama based on the transgender theory of psychological development. It is based on Ken Wilber's book ‘No Boundary’. The play is an embodiment of the author’s creative aspirations to transcend his own body and mind through music and movement. Walking around modern Babylon the performer advances through the stages of development, from simple Persona to Centaur to Transperson, the point of this whole artistic journey. The Mask and the Shadow, as parts of his character, become props as well as the stage set which follows and adapts to personal transformations during the performance. The pervasion of all traditions and myths is amplified by the accompanying video and music.

MIMART Theatre

Predrag Radovančević

Predrag Radovančević is a multimedia artist – performer, writer and musician. In his theatre work he uses numerous techniques of modern theatre and dance, as well as multimedia applications. By producing his own music for his shows he follows the entire artistic experience from vision, imagination and contemplation up to the final performance. Anthropology and nonverbal cues are included in this process as well as unusual usage of props, stage and costumes. Predrag is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council CID, Mimart Theatre, Station - Service for Contemporary Dance and the Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

Saturday 27th June 2015 Pinocchio Puppet Theatre