Awakening of the Festival

Monday, 22nd June 2015 at 7.30 pm
Zemun quay

‘Awakening of the festival’ is a special opening ceremony which marks the ruby jubilee of the Festival of Monodrama and Mime in a unique and unusual way. Awakening of the festival is a community art event which uses musical performance to invite passers-by to become part of a massive artistic procession. A large number of participants, all dressed in white, perform the musical piece ‘Awakening of the festival’ followed by the musical ensemble and choir. The carnival procession then passes through the Zemun quay where they are joined by other performing artists, festival flags, mimes, animators and others who through music, acting and interaction invite casual onlookers to join them in marking this year’s ruby jubilee of the festival. Soloist, Jovana Čurović, is at the head of the procession carrying the flame of art thus symbolically ‘awakening’ the 40th anniversary of this year’s festival.

Director and Composer:
Tadija Miletić

Jovana Čurović

Ana Radoičić       – Flute
Stefan Mančić      – Accordion
Georgije Grbić    – Goblet Drum
Ana Milanović     – Violine
Aleksa Tarabanović  – Guitare

Marko Pantelić    - Bass
Ivan Plazačić       - Bass
Srđan Miletić       - Baritone
Marko Živković    - Tenor
Ivan Debeljak      - Tenor
Aleksandra Jovanović - Soprano
Nevena Đorđević  - Soprano
Sara Stefanović    - Soprano
Јована Јовићевић  - Alto
Zorana Stanišić    - Alto

Miloš Milić,  Andrija Daničić

 Понедељак 22. јуни 2015.  Земунски кеј