Peđa Bajović

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015 at 7.30 pm
Pinki Hall – Club ‘Fest’

Predrag Peđa Bajović is a post-Yugoslav stand-up comedian and producer. He was born in Montenegro, grew up in Serbia, and considers himself a Bosnian living in Zagreb.  Comedy was his second choice. His first choice was to be a pilot. Not because of the flying, but because of the girls. Too blind and too clumsy to be the first, but not giving up, he decided on the second. This led him to become one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Croatia and Bosnia and he is actively involved in the making of the regional stand-up comedy scene. Meanwhile, he lead the first stand-up comedy group from Zagreb ‘СВЕ5’ (2007-2008), today known as ‘Komedija s nogu’ in which he produced the first local stand-up comedy DVD edition ‘Komedija s nogu…VO Skopje’ (2011). He was the producer of the very first national stand-up comedy tour in Croatia (2009) and Bosnia (2011). He was also the first to do a regional tour with his show ‘S nogu’ (2012). He is also the first regional stand-up comedian to perform at an international competition - Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2012. In addition, he was among the first regional comedians on air in Comedy Central Extra (2013). To all those who emphasize the importance of being right over being first (a point well-taken), he comically replies: ‘Who cares, I was first!’
As for his style of comedy, Peđa is neither the cranky grump nor the smiling comedian, but somewhere in between. Even though he has a somewhat serious expression, with his glasses on, eyes always on the alert and not shy to point fingers, he often talks of his favorite topic -  I, a father of two, with a bank loan and some schooling… all this makes him appealing to wider audiences. He forgives no one, least himself!

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015  -  stand up  -  DOMAGOJ PINTARIĆ,  FILIP ANDONIK, PEĐA BAJOVIĆ