Slobodan Beštić МY PRIZES

Friday, 26th June 2015 at 11 pm
Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Goce Delčeva 1

Premiere 4th April 2015 / ‘Raša Plaović’ stage

Co-production with the Cultural Centre of Pančevo
Translation:  Bojana Denić
Authorship Project of Maja Pelević and Slobodan Beštić
Stage Directing Concept and Dramaturgy: Maja Pelević
Costume Designer: Olga Mrđenović
Set Designer: Miraš Vuksanović and Jasna Saramandić
Lighting Designer: Milan Kolarević
Sound Designer: Vladimir Petričević
Stage Speech: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović
Executive Producer: Milorad Jovanović

Performed by:
Slobodan Beštić and prompter Gordana Perovski

I prohibit my German publisher Unseld, effective immediately, to distribute my books in Austria for as long as I shall have the copyright, namely starting from today until seventy-five years upon my death. The prohibition of distribution shall be applied to the whole territory of Austria and to all of my books. Since Austria’s interest in me and my work seems to be concentrating only on taking me and my work to court every once in a while for decades, my decision is more than logical. This is the fourth and probably not the last time that they are getting ready to put me through one of those ridiculous and long court procedures for which the state takes responsibility. Having in mind my health, I am not in a situation to make myself go through a yet another insulting and underrating court process that could never occur in any other Mid-European country

Thomas Bernhard (Prohibition, from: Searching for the Truth – Speeches, Letters, Interviews, Articles;
Prepared by Wolfram Bayer, Raymund Velinger and Martin Huber, Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2011; p. 225)

Question: Have your experiences with the Burgtheatre in Vienna been bad?
Thomas Bernhard: My experiences with the Burgtheatre have been nothing but bad, but I don’t take it seriously. I only don’t want them to produce any of my pieces.
Question: Is this the prohibition to perform your work in theatres in Vienna?
Thomas Bernhard: Prohibition, it sounds more than magnificent.
Question: Let’s go back to the issue of Austria. You never hesitated to reprimand Austrians very firmly. In an article on occasion of a state holiday in 1977, you wrote that your governments have been at the ready for any possible type of crime against Austria in the past decades. The governments have “committed every imaginable crime against Austria, by using its naturally dormant nation, by creating malice and brutality in art they admire and with which they are obsessed.” This is actually an invitation to general lack of trust towards any Austrian government.
Thomas Bernhard: Yes and against all people who are used to be in power and who abuse the power.
(Excerpt from an interview dated 23 June 1980: I Could Kill Someone on Paper,
Taken from Searching for the Truth – Speeches, Letters, Interviews, Articles;
Prepared by Wolfram Bayer, Raymund Velinger and Martin Huber, Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2011; p. 185-186)



Slobodan Beštić graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1987 in the class of Professor Predrag Bajčetić. He worked in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre (1987–2001) and then he transferred to the National Theatre. Roles (selection): YDT – The Awakening of Spring (Moritz), Nijinsky (Nijinsky), Salome (Salome); National Theatre – Hamlet (Hamlet), Iphigenia in Aulis (Agamemnon), Dangerous Liaisons (Valmont), The Bacchae (Messenger), The Possessed (Tikhon); other theatres and ensembles – Harold and Maude (Harold, BDT), The Possessed(Shatov, CZKD), Macbeth (Macbeth, MTM), Story of a Young Man and 1000 Angels(Angel, Omen Theatre), Hamletmachine (Horvat, NT Kikinda), Frida Kahlo (Diego Rivera, Opera and Theatre Madlenianum), German Shepard (Hor-vat, NT Kikinda),Peer Gynt (several roles, Schauspiele Theatre, Düsseldorf), Charlotte (Lotar, “The Steam Boat”), Dali-Picasso (Picasso, Bitef Theatre)…  Beštić has also interpreted a number of roles on film and television. He has been attending advanced professional trainings both in the country and abroad. Beštić works as a professor as well. He has taught acting and stage movement at the FDA and BK Academy in Belgrade, FDA Cetinje, at the Art Academy in Osijek. Beštić received numerous awards and recognitions: Award for Best Young Actor, MES, Sarajevo 1987; Special Award for Most Successful Research of Stage Speech, Malo Sterijino Pozorje; Beginner’s Award at the Film Festival in Niš; European Award for Acting “Gordana Kosanović”, awarded by Roberto Ciulli; Award for Best Male Role (Hamlet), Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice 2004; Award for Best Male Role (Horvat), Festival of the Classics, Vršac 2006.

*Translation taken from the website of the National Theatre in Belgrade

Friday, 26th June 2015. Pinocchio Puppet Theatre