Mirjana Đurđević ČUČUK STANA

Sunday, 28th June 2015 at 10.30 pm
Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Goce Delčeva 1

Čučuk Stana: Mirjana Đurđević
Text: Rajko Đurđević
Director: Cisana Murusidze
Costume Designer Verica Rakočević Kuzmančević
Monk (Voice): Andrej Šepetkovski
Sound Designer: Vladimir Petričević
Poster: Milan Cvjetićanin

About the play
The monodrama ‘Čučuk Stana’ is a play about the life of Greco-Serbian heroine Čučuk Stana, the wife of Hajduk Veljko and Giorgakis Olympios, born at the turn of the 19th century in the village Sikole, near Negotin. She was buried under Mount Olympus sometime during the second half of the 19th century. The story of this timeless woman’s journey is portrayed by using realistic settings and staging. The focus of the play is on her military career and personality –her unbridled courage, mysterious character and temper which influenced crucial events in the histories of both Serbia and Greece.
The author of the text is playwright and publicist, Rajko Đurđević. The monodrama was directed by Cisana Murusidze. Costumes were done by Verica Rakočević Kuzmančević and sound design was done by Vladimir Petričević. The poster for the monodrama is the painting Čučuk Stana (oil on canvas, 50x40 cm) made specifically for the needs of this play by iconographer Milan Cvjetićanin. The play premiered on January 24th 2014 on the small stage of the theatre Madlenianum, located in Zemun.

Sunday, 28th June 2015 Pinocchio Puppet Theatre